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28 Day Book Challenge

A Simple Step-by-Step Plan for Personal Growth

Some of the biggest leaps that I have made have started with books I’ve read, so I have designed this challenge to help you speed read one life-changing book in just 15 minutes every day. No need to read the whole thing – we’ve done that for you!

By dedicating a small portion of your day to reading, just for one month, you can significantly change how you see the world, and how the world sees you. 

Because When You Grow Your Knowledge, You Change Your World

Expanding your knowledge through reading is a really powerful way to change your perspective. As you grow your understanding, you will find yourself naturally more equipped to handle life’s challenges and open your eyes to new opportunities, goals and ambitions. 

It’s The Easiest Reader’s Guide Ever

We’ve created a this step-by-step plan to become a better version of yourself in just 28 days. Just follow the quick reads plan.

    How It Works:

    1. Check Your Inbox For Your Plan and Overview: We’ve given you a taste of what is to come!
    2. Schedule a Regular Daily Time: Stay focused with your reading schedule.
    3. Read Book’s Tidbits in 15 Minutes: Learn the key takeaways quickly and easily.
    4. Celebrate Your Progress: Use the poster to track and celebrate your daily achievements.
    5. Tell Us What It Did For You! We would love to hear the difference this short commitment of just 7 hours over one month, makes to your life.

    The Best Self Help Authors On The Market:

    Learn from are some of the most transformative authors you will find in any book store with quick reads from; Mel Robbins, Steve Harvey, Gary Chapman, Steves R. Covey, Robert Kiyosaki, Napoleon Hill, Tim Ferris and Jordan Peterson… To name just a few!

      What You Will Boost:

      • Week 1: Productivity: Get actionable tips and tricks to become a high-performer.
      • Week 2: Love & Relationships: Dive into the secrets of successful social interactions.
      • Week 3: Money & Career: Learn strategies to excel in your professional life.
      • Week 4: Happiness: Discover clear and simple ways to enhance your well-being.

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      28 Day Book Challenge